How to become a great marketer

How can you become a great marketer?

Gone are the days when marketers were looked upon as people who try to convince a person to buy a product/ service. Today, a marketer is someone who provides value….

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How Chatbots help in lead generation

How do Chatbots help in lead generation?

As novel as the idea of Chatbots might sound, they are not really new in the digital scenario. If you take a closer look at the timeline of how and…

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Why Chatbots are essential for business

7 Reasons why Chatbots are essential for business

For the past couple of years, chatbots have already been seen around and interestingly, it seems like they have been easily adopted in the mainstream digital arena. Perhaps, the reason…

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AI Powered Live Chat

IntelliTicks – Features & Pricing


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Are your Forms “Millennial” Ready?

Stat says that more than 70% of the companies still use basic online channels i.e email & web forms for Lead Generation. The world has now moved on from text…

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Stop saying you are closed

SuperCharged for Lead Capturing with AI

Artificial intelligence is the new electricity. It is shaping the world in ways many have never even considered. We started IntelliTicks with the sole aim to leverage the power of AI…

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Unveiling the Marketer’s Chat Platform

The wait is finally over. After four months of consistent efforts, we have released our chat platform exclusively built ground up for a marketer, along with a host of many…

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