How can you become a great marketer?

July 5, 2019 in ChatBots

How can you become a great marketer?

Gone are the days when marketers were looked upon as people who try to convince a person to buy a product/ service. Today, a marketer is someone who provides value. A marketer is a person who directs people to the thing that they need. With this change in view, it is no surprise that marketers have a lot on their plate. Thanks to the introduction of chatbots and artificial intelligence, a great marketer could make use of these technologies for getting things done.

New technology almost always sounds quite interesting, as long as we can understand what it means and implement it in our day to day routine. The job of a marketer is demanding on exactly that front. That being said, let’s delve into finding out what chatbots can do to make you a great marketer.

The role of chatbots in enhancing marketing function

Marketing is one field which involves driving endless functions in one boat and taking the risk of overturning it, should you fail to balance the pervasive pressure. The job of a marketer should ideally be focused on doing stuff that their robot counterpart cannot do. Everything else can be handed over to a chatbot. Here are some crucial ways in which a chatbot can enhance your efficiency as a marketer.

Using a survey bot
It can be quite risky to produce and market a product, for which there is no active market. While this may sound like a foolish mistake, the numbers spent over it might actually put off an entire strategic plan. In order to eliminate this costly mistake, fortunately enough for a marketer, a survey bot can let you conduct a survey through social media channels, making it simpler for a marketer to gather crucial consumer information.

Make a sale through social media
Using chat bot functionality, you can allow your customer to make a free decision about choosing products to purchase. Customers can check out with their purchase without ever having to step on to your website.

Use a live chat software
Bouncing off a website is a common phenomenon which can deprive your business of essential revenue and customers. By using live chat software, customers can be given a more engaging experience by answering their questions as soon as they land up at your website. This can go a long way in enhancing the decision of a customer to purchase your product, making it simpler for them to look at only one place if they have got a question.

How can IntelliTicks make you a great marketer?

Constructed as a hybrid platform of live chat and AI bots, IntelliTicks is a power ramp that helps your business generate greater revenue through its proactive engagement, converting mere website visitors into actual customers.

Some of the key takeaways from IntelliTicks’ sophisticated technology mechanism are as follows:

  • Never miss a good lead
  • Generation of up to 30% more leads than usual
  • Reduction in the lead engagement cycle from several days to merely 10 seconds
  • Connecting sales representatives to a lead instantly to aid in decision making
  • The intelligent IntelliTicks proactively presents your visitors with the answers to the questions they may have, just like a salesperson would do, thus enhancing the visitor experience
  • Every aspect of the business is connected to marketing, and customer service is no exception. With constant human fall back, IntelliTicks ensures the great customer experience
  • Inbound marketing is all about the customer-first approach, and trust us, customers like the personal touch. IntelliTicks does not fall short of throwing in the human touch, through personalized conversations by leveraging information about context, browsing history, and source of the visitor.

While AI has taken its space in most gadgets and technology which we use today, it is not hard to predict its growth in the years to come. As the bot technology continues to change how businesses communicate with their customers and provide a channel for messaging apps to develop further, it is predicted that the technology will further develop in the days to come in 2018. IntelliTicks is a pioneering platform which can help your business to emerge ahead in the competition with its statistical approach.

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