Chatbots for Travel – Case Study

August 31, 2019 in Case Study

Chatbots for Travel – Case Study


TravelSetu is an online travel lead aggregator which generates leads via various marketing activities and provides these leads to travel agents registered with them.


They were running Google PPC campaigns and Facebook Ads for generating travel leads. One aspect that was troubling them was the low conversion rate despite targeted ads spending. With optimized web pages for mobile and desktop, the conversion rate of 15 % was way below TravelSetu’s expectations.

Even the accrued leads had to be contacted by resources one by one to ascertain which leads are promising. Identifying the Qualified leads was difficult to ascertain and were putting a huge strain on the resources deployed extensively. With continuous churn of internal resources due to attrition, finding qualified leads became an issue. Looking for an solution We came into the picture with our AI Powered Chatbots.


Engagement with the visitors is the thrust of IntelliTicks AI-Powered Chatbots. With the website traffic streaming in, our platform engaged the users and translated the visits into qualified leads. We worked closely with the Client to understand the nuances of their business and translate it into our Chatbots. Our Chatbots had customized conversational texts for each landing pages which are further connected to the landing pages

The Chatbot engages with the visitor and inquires about the prospective holiday plan.

Lead Engagement is happening now. The visitor is asked about the preference of the hotel. The Chatbots enables the website to keep the consumer online for a longer time and help in the conversion of prospective visitors to the leads to the end transaction like booking. The Chatbots will do a normal conversation like a travel agent engages with a user over a phone.

In a scenario where the visitor query seems difficult for the chatbot to decipher, the control is passed onto the Human- Agent. He/she takes over the control of the chat and ensures the visitor doesn’t depart from the website. A combination of AI Chatbots/Human are creating huge engagement for the client and driving up the qualified leads generation.


TravelSetu were happy with the end results of our Chatbots for their website. Their engagement rates plus the leads capturing increased and wanted to use IntelliTicks internally to on-board and educate their travel partners. We helped TravelSetu in setting up the Internal AI chat for the travel agents registered with them. On-boarding the travel agent is easier with our setup.  Our AI chat delivered training videos and content for the travel agents who logged in. The travel agent can ask the Chatbot regarding any information pertaining to the TravelSetu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using highly contextual and engaging automated dialog increased the leads by 47%.
  • Now they are capturing 22% leads from the Ad traffic.
  • Travel agents have all of the qualifying information before making a call to the prospect.
  • They have cut down on the cost of training new travel agents and providing support by 70%.
  • The efficiency of travel agents increased which resulted in increased conversion to customers

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