5 reasons why Chatbots are essential for a Travel Company

October 28, 2019 in ChatBots

5 reasons why Chatbots are essential for a Travel Company

Travel and Tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds as travelers explore new destinations. Travelers are technology-friendly and seek a seamless digital experience in booking/planning a holiday either be it through web or mobile. Customers would be visiting the website/app around the clock and it’s making sense for the travel firms to deploy Chatbots to engage with the visitors.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Chatbots are essential for a travel company.

Higher User Engagement

Chatbots increases user engagement for the Travel Firms by interacting with the website visitors and convert the website traffic into leads. Chatbots can make customers feel that they are getting attention. If done right, Chatbots can help customers find what they are looking for and increase the likelihood of travelers returning to the website.

By taking inputs like date of arrival and departure and preferred location of the visitor, a chatbot can suggest :

  • Hotel destinations.
  • Search Travel Destinations
  • Book travel Plans
  • Guide the Users to the various Holiday plans

Saves Time and Money

Chatbots should be available around the clock and engage with the visitor regularly with effectiveness. As per a study conducted by Juniper, chatbots were believed to cut costs by over $20 million in 2017. So, by getting the Chatbots online all the time, travel Firms can save tons of money by deploying Chatbots. Chatbots are inexpensive and available 24/7 for resolving queries instantly and accurately — significantly reducing the wait time for the end customer.

Think about how much time Travel Firms like yours can save time by automating basic tasks like handling customer queries. The Chatbot can handle multiple customers and answer their questions immediately.

Virtual Sales Agent

Chatbots are not just a customer service tool, it can drive forward the sales. Chatbots can act as a Virtual Sales representative by informing customers or visitors about the different holiday destinations packages on the website.
The Chatbot will engage with the website visitor and understand the customer requirements. The chatbot will help in Lead qualification by getting the relevant details of the customer and pass on to the Sales team to pursue it.

Swift Responses with 24/7 availability

For travel Companies, it drains the resources and energy in providing the customer support round the clock. There is not enough manpower to be around the clock. Even if you get the manpower, it will cost you money. Customers expect 24/7 support and the chatbots are the sure shot way to enable that.
By deploying a chatbot, customers will get accurate and relevant information at their disposal anytime. The Chatbot will be automated to answer the queries immediately and will be as helpful as a normal human support agent will be.


Hiring Human agents for a short duration of time to deal with heavy traffic is unsustainable in terms of training and costs. As your Travel Website would see a huge surge of traffic when you run an online campaign or during the holiday season, your human team would not be able to handle the sudden surge. Hiring human resources for a short period of time is an exhaustive process. You would need to spend time and money in training them. Chatbots can solve the issue quite easily. Machine learning bots, such as IntelliTicks, can be fed a set of data to get them ready before being deployed in a short span of time.

Last Word:

Online Travel Booking is rising phenomenally with the majority of people finding comforts in booking using a Smartphone. Chatbots for travel would be available 24/7, answering immediate Consumer queries while pitching the different travel plans for the visitors.

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