5 Key Factors to Consider before Choosing a Travel Chatbot Platform

October 25, 2019 in ChatBots

5 Key Factors to Consider before Choosing a Travel Chatbot Platform

Global Online Travel Booking Market Will Reach $1,955 Billion By 2026. Citizens across the world are using digital mediums like web, smartphone apps to book holiday destinations. Travel Firms are deploying chatbots to engage visitors 24/7, answer customer queries, lead generation among others. Finding the Right Chatbot platform is important for the Travel Firms and the below guide will help you in finding the right one.

Does the chatbot offer Human Fallback Option?

You would love to have a Chatbot that offers end-to-end automation but has a human Fallback option. Human fallback is a feature that allows a visitor to request or access a human anytime. The Chatbot should offer you the option to take-over the chat anytime. You would be inclined to have a personalized conversation with the customer and the Chatbot should offer you a human fallback option. You should never have your website visitor get the “Sorry, I can’t understand you” text the moment the Chatbot fails to understand the visitor query/request. The human fallback option in an AI Chatbot will help you to improve customer service quality and retain the customers.

Can it understand Customer Query and answer on its own?

The Chatbot should understand the customer’s message and reply to them instantly. The chatbot should have NLP capability and should answer the repeated customer queries swiftly 24/7 without the need of a human agent. It should be able to reply to repeated customer queries and give a precise answer. 

It’s an added advantage if the chatbot is able to self-learn from the previous countless interactions with the visitors and able to improve itself.

Does it Offer Payment Option?

A payment option in a chatbot is a necessity in today’s time. A Chatbot should have the payment option to enable the visitors to complete the purchase within the Chatbot without deviating. By adding the payment option, the chatbot adds value to your business. Making the visitor make payments on a different page might make the prospect drop off. So, an integrated payment option in chat makes sure the visitor stays in the Chatbot itself during the transaction.  

Does it support Multiple Languages?

The Chatbots should possess the ability to drive forward conversations with visitors across different languages. The Chatbot should engage the visitor in the language the visitor is comfortable with. 

Imagine the diverse markets your travel Chatbot can explore. More languages, More revenues

Does your Chatbot offer Mobile App?  

Why you should lose a lead if you are on the move or traveling? 
There is no need to worry. Just make sure the chatbot platform provides a mobile app so that 

  1. You get all instant alerts about the leads 
  2. You could take over the conversation with your prospects
  3. You can get all the lead information at fingertips always

With a mobile app, you can access your Chatbot dashboard and monitor automated chats all while on the go. With real-time access, you would be able to reach out to your prospects before they drop off and reach out to your competition.


Scope for AI-powered Chatbots for travel Industry is immense and a move to a Chatbot would do wonders for the Online Booking Travel firms. IntelliTicks Chatbots are driving user engagement which further in turn yields lead engagements for the travel firms. 
A perfect combination of the creative writers and the coding team could develop an AI-powered Chatbot and We have over 100 plus templates to help you achieve high user engagement and translating to lead generations. 

One of our clients TravelSetu observed a 47% bump up in revenue using IntelliTicks Chatbot. Read the case study here.

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