A real estate chatbot is like the perfect mediator between prospective clients and online property sites. They assist serious minded clients in the property browsing process by answering questions based on preferences for relevant recommendations. A chatbot is a perfect tool for detecting the property of interest. It facilitates the purchase process by either asking the client to contact the property company or having the company reach out to the client.

Advantages of a chatbot

Chatbots are a result of artificial intelligence and are used to trace leads by contacting potential clients through various platforms. The main goal is to reach potential clients, engage in conversation, and convert them to existing clients. 

Real-time inquiry

Chatbots offer real-time assistance to users who land on your website. So, the chatbots can immediately answer any query that a user may have. Thus, this eliminates the need to wait for assistance from a human agent for seeking answers about property-related questions. 

Available 24×7

Most real estate agents experience time constraints, such as shift timings and deadlines. Since they are human beings, they can’t remain at the user’s disposal 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Chatbots are ready to assist you 365 days and answer your every query at any time of the day.


Different customers are looking for different types of apartments and properties. Chatbots are designed to meet the specifications of the client’s taste and recommend properties that meet those specifications perfectly. They do so by probing the visitor with a variety of questions and conversationally offering relevant information. Such an approach is a sheer contrast to traditional methods of acquiring data and engages the user until the very end.

Better engagement

Earlier, companies would circulate paper forms to people for conducting surveys and soliciting information. The collected data would let the real estate companies know what type of properties most people were interested in. Today, paper forms have been replaced by online forms to a great extent. However, they are still forms that require immense input from the customer’s end. 

Since forms are not interactive, they do not hold the attention of the customer for too long. On the other hand, chatbots engage with customers in real-time and respond to their queries while collecting information about their preferences.

Optimal time management

The most significant advantage of any form of artificial intelligence offers is saving an ample amount of time. So, as a realtor, you will not have to waste your time in fruitless queries. Your sales team and you will be dealing with a more filtered and pre-qualified lead base saving you time and effort. 

Chatbots do not differentiate between activities and work from the grass-root level. They interact with each potential lead with a personalized touch and save the solicited information within a database. So, a realtor can access the database at any time and get to know the customer’s preference before making the call. In such a case, a realtor only has to focus on closing the lead.

A chatbot also maintains a history of interaction that would otherwise be recorded on piles of paperwork. So, the above mentioned salient features are reasons enough for you to switch to chatbots quickly. So, what are you waiting for?

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