Unveiling the Marketer’s Chat Platform

October 7, 2019 in Releases

Unveiling the Marketer’s Chat Platform

The wait is finally over. After four months of consistent efforts, we have released our chat platform exclusively built ground up for a marketer, along with a host of many other interesting features. We are strikingly different from other platforms because we do not treat conversations as tickets but as engagement opportunities. Our platform makes sure that every visitor on your website is interacted with so that we can identify genuine prospects and get them connected to experts in your team without wasting any time. We filter out the noise from the website traffic so that you can focus only on the real prospects.

Our marketer’s chat platform not only lets you interact with the prospects but also send real-time alerts with enriched insights about HOT prospects live on your website so that you could interact with them when they are actually spending time understanding your product and offerings, not later when they have lost the context.

With this new release, you can :-

Interact & Engage with your live prospects

Now you can interact with your live prospects easily with our chat widget.

The chat-widget comes with three visibility modes:

  • Always: the widget is always visible to your visitors
  • Never: the widget is never visible and only collects insights
  • Agent-Initiated: the widget is hidden and only shows up when your team starts a chat with a website visitor

Get real-time alerts when a hot prospect is live

Get instant alert whenever you have a hot prospect live on website and evaluating your offerings. Don’t miss the chance to say ‘Hi’ to your potential leads.

Get Lead Insights in the blink of an eye

You don’t have to ask repeated and boring questions to your leads. Now, with IntelliTicks get instant insights on your visitor’s interests and use them to create meaningful and targetted conversations with them from your very first “Hi” to them.

Initiate chat proactively with live hot prospects

Enough with waiting for a lead form submission. Now proactively
interact with live hot prospects and capture their attention when they
are in context of your company.

Get alerts on mobile

You don’t need to be online all day to know if there is a hot opportunity on your website. Just subscribe for mobile notifications and we will alert you whenever there is a hot opportunity on your website.

Add internal notes for each of your prospects

Now add notes to each prospect and keep a record of internal communication and information sharing.

Get better insights by excluding your own internal traffic

Want to exclude your own office traffic from the platform. Now, simply
add IP addresses to exclude or mark individual users as excluded.

IntelliTicks offers a FREE 15-day trial (No Credit Card required).

If interested, please send a demo request to [email protected]

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