Case Study – Valency Networks

August 31, 2019 in Case Study

Case Study – Valency Networks

Valency Networks

Valency Networks is an established player in the world of cyber security since 2008. Catering to a wide range of clients while providing cutting edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for Web Apps, Cloud Apps, Mobile Apps, and IT networks. Valency Networks had a high number of visitors on the website but were not able to generate enough leads from the visitors.

The Tech Company was facing multiple challenges in addressing queries made by customers and the agents.


Valency Networks sought an automated live-chat platform that improves sales by engaging with the users who are browsing through the website. The client needed a solution that could capture the lead on the website and do the first level qualification so that they can route the lead and get the visitor connected to the right sales-rep instantly.


The 3 options provided to the user who will be engaging with the chatbot:

  • Careers
  • Sales
  • Just browsing

The IntelliTicks will engage the users who hitherto would have browsed the website and left. The Chatbots would interact with the users and offer them the various solutions available to the user. The traffic coming organically would now translate to more sales leads. The firm would follow up on the details left by the user after interaction with the chatbot.

The actual flow of the Chatbot is:

We have been working with Valency Networks for over a year and the engagement rate along with the Sales leads generations have been through the roof. Below is an illustration of the chat-bot activity on the website for a period of time. The graph summarizes the user’s behavior on the website. The user visit will be converted into conversations.

With our AI-powered Chatbot, the Valency Networks was able to engage with the users on the website who would earlier have just browsed and moved on. Now, we were able to interact and gauge their attention. This would, in turn, lead to sales lead generation.

The above illustration highlights the movement of Conversations into the Sales Leads generation. There are a 27% of conversations moving into sales leads. This is a huge development for the Valency Network who was seeing a lot of website traffic going away without engagement and interaction. The website traffic now translates into conversations into sales leads.

Normal Conversation Flow at Valency Website Chatbot interaction with Users:

The opening text of Chatbot to the visitor as to guide the visitor to the right place  

Chatbot engages with the visitor after a short delay to gauge the user interest about the different sales products.

Lead Qualification – The IntelliTicks chatbot than takes the conversation forward with details gathering like the user’s company and its industry.  

We are now working with the Client on a day to day basis to help the client gain a deeper  insight on the Chatbots effectiveness for their business. The above case study of Valency Networks lends credence to the effective use of the IntelliTicks chatbot for any business and engaging the visitors. This use case will accelerate a  improvement in efficiencies, sales generation, revenue with the intelligent integration of AI powered IntelliTicks Chatbots and Humans.

Mr. Prashant Pathak, CEO of Valency Networks encapsulates our chatbot success in driving engagement and sales for them on Capterra.

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