Why Businesses Need Conversational Marketing

October 31, 2019 in ChatBots

Why Businesses Need  Conversational Marketing

Businesses have always looked for fresh and unique marketing techniques to interact and engage the customers. Conversational Marketing is a customer focussed approach to marketing and built on the idea of a one-to-one conversation with the visitor. This type of personalized interaction is generally appreciated by consumers who love businesses that connect on a personal level with them. Online customers are more likely to buy from a One-to-one communication with the business.

Business owners thus need to develop a strategy that offers a personalized form of communication with customers. A Good Conversational Marketing Strategy would go a long way in turning a visit into engagement into a lead into a conversion.

According to the Accenture 2018 Personalization Personal Pulse report, most of the customers prefer conversational interaction with brands. 

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Conversational Marketing and find out why businesses are assimilating Conversational Marketing into their customer acquisition strategy.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a customer-centric approach to marketing that enables businesses to have one-to-one personal experiences with the customer and generate qualified leads. Conversational marketing is based on the old and wise idea of listening to a potential customer’s needs and replying to them in real-time.

The aim of conversational marketing is to help online businesses to have a conversation with customers and help them in making a purchase or having their query answered.

Chatbots and LiveChat will immediately come to your mind when you hear of Conversational Marketing but there are other channels like Phone Calls, email, social media messaging among others.

So why you would Need Conversational Marketing? Read further and you will understand the powerful impact of Conversational Marketing.

Personalized communication

Conversational Marketing is built on the principle of personalized communication with the customers in the form of a one-to-one conversation. Chatbots are helping in customer support and are designed to engage with the customers giving them an authentic experience. If you are able to answer the customer queries swiftly and accurately, you have got the chance to acquire or retains the customer.

Shorter Sales Cycle

A normal Sales Cycle is a long and time-consuming process. With Conversational Marketing, the sales cycle becomes a tad shorter as a customer doesn’t have to go through e-mail sending or filling the forms. All it takes is contacting the business through the website Chatbot or LiveChat and receive an instant reply. Conversational marketing is not only making the sales effort more manageable, but it also drives more conversions because users can move towards purchase once their concerns are satisfied. 

 Chatbots can ask customer questions and answer their queries too and create a personalized experience in real-time. Customers can tell you, in their own words, what they’re looking for. And a well-built chatbot understands the customer concerns and help in resolving. Thus, chatbots increase conversion rates, qualified leads, and sales. This leads to a shorter sales cycle but a far rewarding one.

Enhanced efficiency for the Business:

According to the report, almost 40% of US consumers would engage with Chatbot in case of an emergency.
Customers are now realizing the vast potential of the chatbot technology and the businesses are now deploying Chatbots in their business.

Automation allows the business to be available 24/7 without spending money on hiring human resources and training them. As a matter of fact, the business just got less expensive because you don’t need to hire as many human resources before the deployment of the chatbots.

Customer Behavior Analytics

As a business owner, you can examine customer data to find out customer trends and predict future customer behavior. You will be able to notice frequently asked questions related to your services and act accordingly to add new products to the portfolio. 

You would be able to understand what are your customer’s preferences and find out which one is most requested by the customers. You would be inclined to make sure your business is able to have the customers preferred products in the catalog.

Communication open with the customers 24/7 * 365

Let me ask you a simple question: Would you love a person who is always available around the clock to receive your call? You would absolutely love him/her. Same with Conversational Marketing. It will be running 24/7 and can help you make the customers your best friends. The Chatbots will be available around the clock to answer the customer questions and become a communication channel for them. It gives an authentic experience for the customer whose queries are resolved swiftly and he/she doesn’t need to wait for ages. 

What does the future hold for Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is going to drive forward much business growth. It can establish authentic relationships with the customers and obtain valuable insights into customer behavior.

In this post, we showed you why Businesses need conversational marketing. Make sure to check our website and don’t hesitate to contact us – Conversational Marketing will give a boost to your growing business. Conversational Marketing helps you to stay ahead of the curve and being aware of the trends and the future requirements of the target audience. 

Therefore, you should seize the opportunity to implement Conversational Marketing and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. 

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