How do Chatbots help in lead generation?

July 5, 2019 in ChatBots

How do Chatbots help in lead generation?

As novel as the idea of Chatbots might sound, they are not really new in the digital scenario. If you take a closer look at the timeline of how and when Chatbots really became popular, you would be able to identify that Mark Zuckerberg has a hand behind it when he launched his messaging platform, the Facebook Messenger. Since then, chatbots are viewed as the latest form of user interaction.

Almost all major digital platforms currently make use of Chatbots in one way or the other, raising the number of digital chatbots up to more than 100k. Wondering what has led to the rise in the use of chatbots? Well, here is the simple deal. Nowadays, finding a chatbot development platform, integrating it with a messaging platform, and the low cost of its development, are some of the key reasons which makes it so easy for a company to adopt the idea of a chatbot.

So, this being implied clearly that developing a chatbot is no difficult task, the question that remains is, if they can be used as something more than just providing a user interface. Lately, chatbots are being seen as a tool to attract and connect more customers to a brand or business.

Here are some of the charging ways how chatbots can make lead generation a possible task!

Achieving lead generation with chatbots

Transforming cold leads:

Did you know that an online user is more likely to respond to a Facebook post than an email? While email marketing is a whole other concept, if you actually want to transform one of these ‘cold leads’ into actual ones, you have a whole lot of scope by using a chatbot on a Facebook messenger and reminding customers about your typical product and service offering, which can bring them directly to your website. The strategy to divert your customers could be anything, from discounts to coupon codes and more. In this way, you can target leads for all your professional services, real estate business or even education services.

Share content on a regular basis:

A chatbot can be entrusted with the task of sharing content regarding the product and service offering of a customer. Considering that they can be available 24*7 to attend to customer queries and solve, right about 70% of them without the need of human intervention, it can be safely assumed that a chatbot can deliver the right content to the right set of audience. So for example, if your real estate business makes use of a chatbot, you can use it to attend to customer queries, which is one of the ways in which you can share regular content with your customers.

Active engagement:

A chatbot is known to provide a user-friendly way for a customer to interact with your business. One of the best things about using a chatbot is that the response rate is quite quick. This means that your customer does not have to think twice before seeking a response from your end. The value of a chatbot lies in the fact that it enables two-way communication. This means faster response to customers and more satisfaction. By analyzing the flow of communication, a chatbot can deliver targeted content to your customers. This can be beneficial in case of real estate companies, educational companies and travel, and hospitality sector as it becomes easy to recommend a product to the customer.

Gather information using customer feedback:

By interacting with customers, chatbots can gather viable information about the tastes of the customer, the specific features that he is looking for in a product or a service and how he wants to utilize a particular product or service. This can help a marketer by adding value to his product and service and increasing the chances of lead generation. Chatbots can also resolve customer queries in an interactive manner, once they have a grasp about the needs of the customer.

Converting potential into actual customers:

Chatbots can achieve what even humans may fail to do for your business. Through their persuasive and interactive conversational approach, they are placed in a far better position to convert a potential lead into a customer.

Therefore, chatbots are beginning to occupy a major role in the scene of lead generation and converting them into customers. As long as you have an online or social presence, you can utilize a chatbot in a wholesome manner to convert customers for your business. Thus, it is no surprise why chatbots can be targeted as a mainstream competitive strategy to enhance the customer base and increase their connection with your business. In time, you will be able to record increased sales revenue for your business. With increased availability for your customers and greater interaction with them, you can be sure of building a long term connection with them, which will go a long way in building the brand image of your business. Seen from the perspective of customer service, chatbots are an effective and efficient way to save time, and effort while generating much more leads than anticipated.

Marketing efforts can amplify the success of your business in the long run. Whether you are running a travel business or operating in the real estate sector, using a mix of chatbot technology with other marketing strategies can help in taking your business to new heights that might be difficult for you to envisage at the moment. However, never assume chatbots to be a substitute for a real-time sales force, who is eventually responsible for interacting with your customers and curtailing an actual sale. The element of human interaction cannot be altogether eliminated but can be substantiated with the use of chatbots, to make their jobs easier.

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