SuperCharged for Lead Capturing with AI

July 5, 2019 in Releases

SuperCharged for Lead Capturing with AI

Artificial intelligence is the new electricity. It is shaping the world in ways many have never even considered. We started IntelliTicks with the sole aim to leverage the power of AI for connecting businesses with the prospects before they are lost to competitors.

On analyzing the website traffic to lead conversion trends, we were shocked to see that the average conversion ratio is dismal (less than 1% on average). So, we decide to build a platform that can replicate the 1-1 personalized conversations, that salespeople do, in the online world.

A lot of businesses have been trying to do this using LiveChats tools available in the market. But with the unpredictable volume of traffic, it is impossible to do 1-1 engagement with existing tools. Most businesses are forced to do Sales like Support. They are online only from Mon-Fri 9 am to 7 pm – only 30% of the time. It’s like 2/3th of the time saying to customers.

“We are closed now, come tomorrow!!”


IntelliTicks is designed to fix those gaps with these functionalities :-

Automated & Personalized 1-1 interactions 24×7

Two different customers with two different personas and two different needs are engaged in different dialogues.

Personalization increases conversions.

Automated FAQs

Most of the first time visitors have questions about any business which could be a deciding factor in their decision-making process. Automate replies to such repeated questions with IntelliTicks FAQ module.

Train once and use forever. No more worries about hiring & training!!

IntelliTicks AI Platform is fully managed. You need not worry about AI training and tuning. IntelliTicks team regularly tune and train its AI for you.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts on New leads, Hot returning leads and New Conversations on email, mobile and desktop.

Insta-Connect on Mobile Apps

With IntelliTicks Android App, get connected to leads in REAL-TIME. Enable your Sales rep to connect with leads when they are still hot. Delaying in interacting results in lead turning cold.

Seamless Chat-Email-Chat Flow

IntelliTicks has built a seamless Email and Chat integration so that any missed chats are continued over email to allow businesses not to miss any opportunity.

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