7 Reasons why Chatbots are essential for business

July 5, 2019 in ChatBots

7 Reasons why Chatbots are essential for business

For the past couple of years, chatbots have already been seen around and interestingly, it seems like they have been easily adopted in the mainstream digital arena. Perhaps, the reason why chatbots are increasingly becoming popular is because of the seamless manner in which they allow a business to communicate with their customer. With the rising potential in the field of artificial intelligence, there is no dearth of scope for something like chatbots to see the rising trends.

What are chatbots?

In the most basic language, you can come up with an idea about a chatbot as a computer program, which is designed around various algorithms and artificial intelligence. Now, simply stated, this program allows a real-time interaction between a business portal and a user through a chat interface. So basically, a chatbot is all but that small chat box which prompts you to make a conversation with someone related to a website, let’s say, which almost feels as if you are conversing with another human being. Chatbots can be programmed to capture and replicate human behavior and react appropriately to a conversation. Chatbots are designed to comprehend language and not just commands, which is why they become more intelligent as they get into more conversations with another human.

Now, here is why and how a chatbot can turn out to be an essential addition to your business.

7 reasons why a chatbot is essential for your business

1. It is more like a trend, like being updated

If recent numbers are to be believed, the number of social media users has remained far behind the number of messaging apps users in recent times. This is mainly because a user finds it easier to interact with a business through chatting, which is why you can create a niche for yourself by making yourself available for your customers through a chatbot and remain in trend. Instead of trying to create a new platform for your customers, why not make use of an existing one such as Facebook and WhatsApp and use a chatbot to integrate the ability to start a conversation!

2. Perfect star ratings for customer service

As per a recent survey, it has been found that almost 80% of users need help when they shop online. This could be about anything, from order status, to product details or checkout issues. A chatbot can prove to be a real-time salesperson in such a situation and by being available for your customers at all times, it largely increases the customer experience which you give to your leads.

Chatbots are an excellent way to provide 24*7 customer support services to your customers. This kind of automation can allow businesses to handle more workload and divert their attention to more genuine tasks which need overlooking. Integrating a chatbot with your business also means that you can create a proactive approach towards addressing your customer’s needs. Usually, no business has enough manpower to take the first step and approach a customer to help them out. However, with a chatbot, this can be done easily as it is nothing but artificial intelligence, which will approach your customer on its own and tend to their questions.

3. Increase the engagement with customers

Who doesn’t like to be pampered and when it comes to your customer, why wouldn’t you like to pamper them, if you knew that it would lead to developing more customer engagement and a sense of belongingness! You would find it hard to believe but increased customer engagement can bring about a jump of up to 20% in customer spending. Chatbots can be designed to answer customer queries in a smart manner, slicing down the information which they receive from your end. In this way, your customer remains attentive and does not lose interest amidst boring and irrelevant information. You can expect to retain your customer for a longer period on your business page in this way.

4. Gain customer related insights

Chatbots are a great way to collect customer-related data and provide feedback about services and products. This makes sure that you are always ahead of your users in modifying what needs alteration and designing something more interactive and suitable for them. One of the ways in which this can be done is through surveys. So let’s say if your page generates a good deal of traffic but that traffic does not convert very well into leads, a chatbot could potentially collect significant feedback through that survey as to why a customer did not choose to make a purchase at that point. Further, user data can be monitored to assess consumer behavior and purchasing pattern of the customers. This means that a business can gain greater control over how its customers are responding to their web efforts and make modifications accordingly.

5. Generate better leads

While you may already have high traffic on your web page, a chatbot can help make better conversions through a customized messaging touch. With the right consumer-related information, a chatbot can lead to increasing the leads which convert on your page. Never missing a lead is vital for the growth of your business.

6. Better approach to global markets

Let language remain no bar. If you are planning to delve into the global scenario, a chatbot can assist your customer with multiple languages, each and every single day. This means that your business is in no way restricted to a particular geography, something which would have been difficult, had the reigns been in the hands of human personnel.

When compared with the task of hiring employees for different tasks, enabling a fully functional chatbot can turn out to be much cheaper and feasible. The fact that these chatbots are like an automated solution to various problems, makes them a channel for saving costs, which would have otherwise gone in paying employees, who wouldn’t even bring in these benefits.

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